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im waiting for my friend to be single so we can be friends again that sounds really ugly but its just a fact of life 

" Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you. "
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I love my skin!

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Its really strange to think someone as powerful as nicki is vulnerable abt anything and seein her share that side of herself bein excited someone said a line that she dint need to worry about it is so cute

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I was watching porn earlier and we both had the same painting

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Throwback to five minutes ago to when i was sitting in my room


the only thing you need to know about public school is that people go hard as shit during classroom jeopardy review games. there are no friends here

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Anonymous inquired This is gonna sound so stupid but what is a fuckboy? lol


fuckboy symptoms:

  • timothy over here askin’ for nudes when all u did was say hello
  • connor who won’t calm down with his axe spray tryna infect ya lungs
  • colin adding #420 to his bio when he smoked weed one time
  • gregory mad cause u didn’t blow him after the first date

how to spot a fuckboy:

  • white nike tube socks with his adidas sandals
  • he wants to play 20 questions (!!!!!!!!! do not play !!!!!!!!!!! especially if there’s a “;)” involved)
  • relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women
  • looks like he just read one of jaden smith’s tweets in all of his selfies
  • can’t find the clitoris

fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes and results may vary but when he a fuckboy…he a fuckboy…and u will know


if you hate me….. have you considered…. that I am beautiful? think it over

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